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Premium Blend
A fan community for shows on premium cable channels.

misspamela posting in Premium Blend
User: misspamela
Date: 2007-04-12 21:14
Subject: Entourage Pimping Post
Security: Public


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There are only two reasons you might not like this show:

1. You don't enjoy fun.

2. You don't enjoy pretty people.

Well, okay, if you're only into Deep and Meaningful television, you might not love it. But if you're looking for good fun, boys being boys (with other boys), comedy, killer cameos, and Jeremy fucking Piven, well, have I got the show for you!

The PeopleCollapse )

The Eric/Vince FactorCollapse )

Where's the fic?Collapse )

CommunitiesCollapse )

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Grey Bard posting in Premium Blend
User: grey_bard
Date: 2007-04-08 23:38
Subject: Episode Post: Entourage 35 - Less Than 30
Security: Public
Tags:entourage, entourage:talk

Original US air date: 4/8/07

Discussion of this episode is welcome in the comments of this post, but only this post

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Grey Bard posting in Premium Blend
User: grey_bard
Date: 2007-04-08 23:33
Subject: Episode Post: The Sopranos 78 - Sopranos Home Movies
Security: Public
Tags:sopranos, sopranos:talk

Original US air date: 4/8/07

Discussion of this episode is welcome in the comments of this post, but only this post.

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astolat posting in Premium Blend
User: astolat
Date: 2007-04-06 11:52
Subject: roundup from Yuletide and kickoff challenge theme suggestions
Security: Public
Tags:big love, carnivale, dead like me, deadwood, dexter, entourage, jeremiah, rome, six feet under, sleeper cell, sopranos, the wire

Since many of the premium_blend fandoms have been featured in Yuletide, I thought I'd collect up the links here. See all the Yuletide stories written for:

[ Big Love ]
[ Carnivale ]
[ Dead Like Me ]
[ Deadwood ]
[ Entourage ]
[ Jeremiah ]
[ Rome ]
[ Six Feet Under ]
[ Sleeper Cell ]
[ The Sopranos ]
[ The Wire ]

And here are all the open New Year Resolutions requests in the premium_blend fandoms, which you could make a recipient very happy by writing. If you do fill one of these in, please post a link here!

All Open New Year ResolutionsCollapse )

Also, one of the other things discussed at the muskratjamboree panel was running a kickoff multifandom challenge. Pathetically, the only suggestions for theme that I can remember off what I think was a list of like ten are:

  • Crossovers / Fusions
  • Happy Endings
  • Gratuitous Moments

If anyone else remembers others, or if you have other ones to suggest, please comment here! We may run a poll to decide or just pick one and run with it, so if you have a passionate preference you can let us know that too.

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astolat posting in Premium Blend
User: astolat
Date: 2007-04-05 21:33
Subject: Making tags visible
Security: Public
Tags:big love, big love:art, big love:fic, big love:pimp, big love:talk, big love:vids, carnivale, carnivale:art, carnivale:fic, carnivale:pimp, carnivale:talk, carnivale:vids, dead like me, dead like me:art, dead like me:fic, dead like me:pimp, dead like me:talk, dead like me:vids, deadwood, deadwood:art, deadwood:fic, deadwood:pimp, deadwood:talk, deadwood:vids, dexter, dexter:art, dexter:fic, dexter:pimp, dexter:talk, dexter:vids, entourage, entourage:art, entourage:fic, entourage:pimp, entourage:talk, entourage:vids, extras, extras:art, extras:fic, extras:pimp, extras:talk, extras:vids, jeremiah, jeremiah:art, jeremiah:fic, jeremiah:pimp, jeremiah:talk, jeremiah:vids, rome, rome:art, rome:fic, rome:pimp, rome:talk, rome:vids, six feet under, six feet under:art, six feet under:fic, six feet under:pimp, six feet under:talk, six feet under:vids, sleeper cell, sleeper cell:art, sleeper cell:fic, sleeper cell:pimp, sleeper cell:talk, sleeper cell:vids, sopranos, sopranos:art, sopranos:fic, sopranos:pimp, sopranos:talk, sopranos:vids, the l word, the l word:art, the l word:fic, the l word:pimp, the l word:talk, the l word:vids, the tudors, the tudors:art, the tudors:fic, the tudors:pimp, the tudors:talk, the tudors:vids, the wire, the wire:art, the wire:fic, the wire:pimp, the wire:talk, the wire:vids, weeds, weeds:art, weeds:fic, weeds:pimp, weeds:talk, weeds:vids

It turns out you can only subscribe to a tag once the tag has been used at least once, oops! This post should make all of the currently available tags visible on the subscription page and also make our sidebar really long. \o/

The basic format of all our tags is, [fandomname], and then [fandomname]:art, :fic, :pimp, :talk, :vids. Please use [fandomname] and also whichever more specific tag applies, if any -- I suspect most people will subscribe to the fandomname tag, but for the long run, since lj cuts off after the first 100 items, it will be helpful for those looking backwards to have the more specific categories.

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User: apatheia_jane
Date: 2007-04-04 12:25
Subject: Recs: Rome & The L Word
Security: Public
Tags:rome, rome:fic, rome:vids, the l word, the l word:art, the l word:fic, the l word:vids

I'm really looking forward to seeing more fic for the shows I know & love, getting to know some other fandoms better (and I'm both disappointed & proud that Oz is deemed too popular to be included), but I thought I'd jump right in with some of my favourite fics, fanart & vids. Warning, here be crossovers with other shows too. If that's a problem, delete away. If the comm's not ready or something, delete away (I'm feeling more than a little tentative making first non-admin post). No spoilers beneath the cut, and the links with spoilers have warnings.

The L WordCollapse )

RomeCollapse )

Question for mods: Will there be tag categories for fic / art / vids, or just breaking it down by fandom? What is official L Word tag going to be? I've seen fandom use tlw, lword, the l word, etc. I used thelword, but I can edit tags, or delete & repost, based on what the consensus is. Also, should I have broken this post into two, one for The L Word recs, one for Rome recs, or is it ok as long as there are tags for each?

Edit: Actually, I can't get a tag working for The L Word at all. Help?. Sorted, thanks bethbethbeth!

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astolat posting in Premium Blend
User: astolat
Date: 2007-04-03 09:40
Subject: Help Wanted!
Security: Public

If you'd be willing to help volunteer to take care of an unattended fandom or help with community maintenance, please comment here!

You do NOT need to volunteer in order to pimp or start discussion threads or ask us to add a new fandom. Feel free to just dive in and start.

Volunteering for a fandom is low-key and involves:

  • Telling us the fandom exists if we don't have it
    If we don't already have a fandom in our interests/tags list (eg, if the show is new, maybe even not on the air yet, or we have just forgotten to put it on), let us know about it! We will happily add it to the list. (We are deliberately leaving off shows with substantial fandoms that don't really need our help, like OZ and QAF.)

  • Pimping
    As much as you want to do. Feel free to recruit others to pimp for you, make picspams or fandom primers, post recs or roundups of activity in your fandom from other communities.

  • Starting discussion threads
    If your show is currently on the air, please start a discussion thread post for each new episode, maybe just before it comes on the air. (If you are late doing this and someone already has jumped in and created a discussion thread, no need to start a new one, of course. *g*)

  • Tagging Reminders
    If you notice someone posting in your fandom without using tags, please drop them a friendly comment to remind them to tag as they post.

  • Spoiler Watch
    If you spot someone posting spoilers outside a cut-tag, please drop them a friendly comment asking them to repost with a cut-tag, and if you spot one of the comm maintainers, please give us a heads-up to delete the post.

If you drift away, it's no big deal -- if someone volunteers and you haven't posted in a while, we'll toss them the stick instead, but you're always welcome to come back to it later or to take on a different fandom.

Fandoms currently needing volunteers:
big love, dexter, extras, jeremiah, six feet under, sopranos, the tudors, weeds.

The current list of volunteers is here.

We're also looking for a couple of community maintainers right now too. Community maintenance is not fandom-specific and involves:

  • Deleting spoilery posts
  • Tagging posts if the poster forgot to put on the tags.
  • Adding new tags/interests for a new show.
  • Keeping an eye out for anything wacky like spam or trolling and letting bethbethbeth and myself know about it.

Let us know if you'd be willing to help out!

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astolat posting in Premium Blend
User: astolat
Date: 2007-04-03 09:20
Subject: Welcome!
Security: Public

premium_blend is for those of us who love any of the awesome small-fandom shows on premium cable like HBO and Showtime. It's often hard for a fandom to coalesce around these shows because fewer people have easy access to them and because of those evil year-long hiatuses they like to inflict on us, not to mention the vast graveyards of shows canceled before their time because they were too expensive. And since there is a lot of overlap among fans of these various shows, we're looking to get a little cross-pollination going by centralizing. We hope this will give all these fandoms new life by giving fans an ongoing haven -- activity for one show may ebb and flow as it comes on the air or goes off, but there will always be something fun happening in this space.

The community profile has all the exciting rules for future reference, and here they are too:


  • Please tag everything as you post.
    Many people may subscribe to particular tags in this community. If you don't tag as you post (as opposed to adding on a tag later), they will not see your post.

  • Episode discussion in single posts
    We don't want to spam people's flists with many discussion posts for a single fandom that they may not be in. Please link to review/discusson in your own lj in the comments to the single discussion post. (If there isn't already a discussion post for a new episode that you want to discuss, please feel free to put it up yourself. This is a self-serve community. *g*)

  • All genres/ratings welcome
    Most readers appreciate some info about a story/vid, so we recommend including a summary and character (and pairing if any) in your header, but labels are up to the author. There's no particular format you must use. But, please make sure summaries fit with the next rule...

  • Spoiler warnings v. important
    We love the cut-tags! This is all about cross-pollination between shows, so pretty much anything will be a spoiler for someone. To cut-tag, just copy and paste this bit here into your post, and stick your spoilers in the middle.
    <lj-cut text="click here for my exciting spoilers">
    If you have bits of extra-spoilery info in a post, you can also white it out like this, although note -- many people read on their own flists, so this only works if the post is already cut-tagged:
    <font color=white>SPOILERS GO HERE</font>
    It is also a great idea to try and divide up spoilers by season if you can in things like pimping posts.

  • Help us out.
    We are always looking for stuff like pimping posts and someone to start discussion posts and help with tagging. If no one is doing stuff in a fandom you love, please feel free to jump in and start, and drop us a comment on an admin post if you'd be willing to jump in as a mod for a fandom that either doesn't have one or whose mod has drifted away. See the help wanted post!

  • Write lots, have fun, be excellent to each other.
    We are pretty laissez-faire in spirit. We will be pretty aggressive about deleting spoilery posts, but you can always repost with a cut-tag. Other than that, we will play things by ear. If the volume gets too high, we will find ways to manage the flow.

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