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Pimping John from Cincinnati

Since I took on pimping this show quite sometime ago, I think today is the perfect day to start. Because tonight, at 10 pm on HBO, you can see the very first episode of John from Cincinnati.

JFC is the latest offering from former junkie, Yale lecturer and NYPD Blue/Deadwood creator David Milch. And by all accounts, this is show is not like any other. This is how it's described on the official site:

Just north of the border, in a tired coastal town, live three generations of the Yosts, surfing royalty turned society misfits. The Yosts' reign and reputation, once defined in the curl of a perfect wave, have been eroded by years of bad luck, addiction and hubris. But just as things are looking like they can't get worse, a stranger named John arrives – and the Yosts' banal existence is lifted into something profound, miraculous and, possibly, universal.

People levitate, dead birds come to life, and strange things happen all around. The other official site JohnMonad.com is a good example of how this show works (I recommend writing 'naked' in the search field there, you'll get quite a treat). There won't be many answers, more questions, more philosophical ponderings. And so, reviews have been mixed, to say the least. Here's one where they think it's perfection. And here's one where they find it rather peculiar. And finally, here's one where they hate it. Conclusion: I think you have to make your own mind up (as always, I suppose). Deadwood was a show which took a few episodes for me to get into, but then it was glorious. With Milch, you might need some patience. And not be sensitive to profanities. But if you loved Deadwood, there's no problem there. And no matter what, I bet you it's interesting television.

The show stars Bruce Greenwood, Austin Nichols, Rebecca De Mornay, Ed O'Neill, Luke Perry, Brian van Holt, Jim Beaver, Luis Guizman, Matt Winston, Willie Garson and more. Quite a few people from Deadwood are also working on JFC.

While you wait, here's a Making of, from HBO, uploaded to YouTube (if you want to see more promos, go here):

This is also a show where people keep going around dressed like this: .

And that's always nice.
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