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premium_blend is for those of us who love any of the awesome small-fandom shows on premium cable like HBO and Showtime. It's often hard for a fandom to coalesce around these shows because fewer people have easy access to them and because of those evil year-long hiatuses they like to inflict on us, not to mention the vast graveyards of shows canceled before their time because they were too expensive. And since there is a lot of overlap among fans of these various shows, we're looking to get a little cross-pollination going by centralizing. We hope this will give all these fandoms new life by giving fans an ongoing haven -- activity for one show may ebb and flow as it comes on the air or goes off, but there will always be something fun happening in this space.

The community profile has all the exciting rules for future reference, and here they are too:


  • Please tag everything as you post.
    Many people may subscribe to particular tags in this community. If you don't tag as you post (as opposed to adding on a tag later), they will not see your post.

  • Episode discussion in single posts
    We don't want to spam people's flists with many discussion posts for a single fandom that they may not be in. Please link to review/discusson in your own lj in the comments to the single discussion post. (If there isn't already a discussion post for a new episode that you want to discuss, please feel free to put it up yourself. This is a self-serve community. *g*)

  • All genres/ratings welcome
    Most readers appreciate some info about a story/vid, so we recommend including a summary and character (and pairing if any) in your header, but labels are up to the author. There's no particular format you must use. But, please make sure summaries fit with the next rule...

  • Spoiler warnings v. important
    We love the cut-tags! This is all about cross-pollination between shows, so pretty much anything will be a spoiler for someone. To cut-tag, just copy and paste this bit here into your post, and stick your spoilers in the middle.
    <lj-cut text="click here for my exciting spoilers">
    If you have bits of extra-spoilery info in a post, you can also white it out like this, although note -- many people read on their own flists, so this only works if the post is already cut-tagged:
    <font color=white>SPOILERS GO HERE</font>
    It is also a great idea to try and divide up spoilers by season if you can in things like pimping posts.

  • Help us out.
    We are always looking for stuff like pimping posts and someone to start discussion posts and help with tagging. If no one is doing stuff in a fandom you love, please feel free to jump in and start, and drop us a comment on an admin post if you'd be willing to jump in as a mod for a fandom that either doesn't have one or whose mod has drifted away. See the help wanted post!

  • Write lots, have fun, be excellent to each other.
    We are pretty laissez-faire in spirit. We will be pretty aggressive about deleting spoilery posts, but you can always repost with a cut-tag. Other than that, we will play things by ear. If the volume gets too high, we will find ways to manage the flow.
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